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Iwashita Hikaru

Born: 1983 AD
Currently alive, at 35 years of age.
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1983 – Born on the 19th of January in New York, USA.

1998 – Released the album "Cube U" and later re-released in 99′ sold 698,00 copies in Japan.

1999 – "Automatic / time will tell" sold over 2,063,000 units cumulatively in English and Japanese versions.

       – The 2nd most successful single by a solo female artist in Japanese music history.

       – Release of her seven studio albums, including one compilation and two all-English, 21 singles and several VHS/DVD versions.

2000 – On the 19th of April, she released her 1st single, "Wait & See ~Risk~." and sold an exceptional 1,662,000 copies.

       – Won the "Golden Disk" (Japan’s most-esteemed musical award) award for over twelve of her singles.

2001 – Released her album "Can You Keep a Secret?" on the 16th of February and received her fifth platinum single.

       – "Distance," released on the 28th of March, was awarded with the largest first-week sales for any album in J-music history, with over 3.02 million units sold.

2002 – She had her follow-up album "Deep River" selling a combined total of about 2.8 million physical units by the end of the year.

2003 – Released her only single "Colors".

2004 – Released her first singles compilation album Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol.1 on the 31st of March, after heavy media, record label, and fan demand.

       – Released her North American English-language debut album, Exodus, under the name "Utada".

2006 – Sold a combined estimated total in Japan of some 32,000,000 records in Japan as of 06′. Her worldwide total of albums, singles and VHS/DVDs to date is well past 40,000,000 units.

       – Ranked #10 in HMV’s "Top 30 Best Japanese Singers of All Time".

       – Released her first Japanese digital sales-exclusive single, "This Is Love", which meant it would not be available in physical format.

2007 – Her official site announced a new single, her 18th Japanese-language, was to be released on February 28 entitled "Flavor Of Life"." Flavor Of Life – Ballad Version-" was featured as the insert song for the second season of the popular Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango, and also received a PV, while the original version did not.

      – She and her husband Kazuaki Kiriya were officially divorced and announced it together in her blog the next day, 3rd of March, thus ending their four and a half year marriage.

      – On the 21st of March, she announced that she was working on a new single, which would later be revealed as "Kiss & Cry".

      – On the 28th of June, her website announced the name of the single, Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry. "Beautiful World" will be the theme song for REBUILD of EVANGELION.

3.3 (66.23%) 154 votes