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Hutchins, Thomas

Born: 1730 AD
Died: 1789 AD
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1730 – Thomas Hutchins was born.

1766 – He was officially assigned to duty as an engineer in the British army, gradually becoming the most respected surveyor and map maker in the colonies.

1768 – He took part in expeditions spanning the west from the northern reaches of the Mississippi Valley to New Orleans.

1776 – He may have thought his chance had come.

1779 – He now angled to instill himself as the chief engineering officer in the Gulf south.

1781 – He took an oath of loyalty to the United States and in May, accepted the post of Geographer of the United States, assigned to duty in the south.

1788 – Hutchins became immersed in one of the several late eighteenth century cabals seeking to wrest control of Louisiana.

1789 – Died on the 28th of April.

2.9 (58.79%) 33 votes