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Hutchence, Michael

Born: 1960 AD
Died: 1997 AD
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1960 – He was born on the 22nd day of January this year in Sydney.


1979 – The Farriss family moved to Perth, Western Australia, the rest of the band followed, returning to Sydney soon after.


1980 – The group released their first album, INXS, and put out their first single, "Simple Simon," which was soon followed by their first moderate Australian hit, "Just Keep Walking."


1987 – He appeared in the Australian movie Dogs in Space, directed by long-time INXS music video collaborator, Richard Lowenstein.


1989 – He released the album Max Q, collaboration with Australian post-punk pioneer Ollie Olsen. He also began a highly publicized relationship with Kylie Minogue, helping to transform her image from girl-next-door (a hang-over of her soap opera Neighbors fame), into a sexy, edgy dance-oriented pop diva.


1990 – He played Percy Shelley in Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound.


1996 – His wife gave birth to his only child, daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.


1996 – He Oasis with an award, after which their outspoken singer, Liam Gallagher remarked, "Has-beens shouldn’t present fuckin’ awards to gonna-bes".


1997 – He released a new INXS Album, Elegantly Wasted.


1997 – He was found dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.

3.1 (62.73%) 22 votes