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Forbes, John

Born: 1707 AD
Died: 1759 AD
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1707 – John Forbes, born on the 5th of September in Pittencrief, Fife, Scotland. He was a British general in the French and Indian War who is best known for leading the Forbes Expedition that captured the French outpost at Fort Duquesne.

1735- He was accepted and commissioned, as a lieutenant in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

1757 – In December, he was promoted to brigadier general and assigned to command an expedition to capture Fort Duquesne, which guarded the vital forks of the Ohio River.

1758 – He began his campaign to capture Fort Duquesne.

       – Occupied the burned fort on the 25th of November.

       – On December, now gravely ill, he began the arduous journey back to Philadelphia leaving Colonel Hugh Mercer in command of Fort Pitt.

1759 – Died in Philadelphia on the 11th of March. He was buried in Christ Churchyard in Philadelphia.

2.9 (58.4%) 25 votes