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Elizabeth Griscom

Born: 1752 AD
Died: 1836 AD
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1752 – Born on January 1, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


         – Betsy attended Friends(Quaker) schools, where she learned reading, writing a trade, and sewing.


1773 – Eloped with John Ross and went across the Delaware River to New Jersey, where they were married by William Franklin, Benjamin Franklin’s son. The couple were subsequently disowned by her Quaker meeting.  


1776 – She was visited by George Washington, George Ross and Robert Morris of the Continental Congress.


         – The meeting was about sewing a flag were George Washington in pencil. The flag was made by Betsy in her parlor.


1777 – After John Ross’ death she married sea captain Joseph Ashburn. 


1782 – Joseph Ashburn died leaving her two daughters.


1783 – She married John Claypoole, who informed her of Joseph Ashburn’s death.


1817 – 1827 –  John Claypoole died.


         – She continued her upholster business.


1836 – She died in Philadelphia at age 84.


3.6 (72.82%) 510 votes