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Born: 1074 AD
Died: 1107 AD
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1074 – Edgar of Scotland, King of Scotland was born. He was the son of Malcolm III ‘Caennmor’, King of Scotland and Saint Margaret ‘the Exile’.

1095 – While assisting William Rufus in the North fighting the rebel Robert de Mowbray, William nominated Edgar the rightful King of Scotland.

1097 – Edgar had to wait, with assistance from his uncle Edgar the Aethling, he advanced into Scotland, forced out Donald Bane and took the Scottish throne.

         – Edgar ruled Scotland as a vassal of the William Rufus, English king, and began to improve the links between the two countries.

         – He moved capital of Scotland to Edinburgh.

1107 – It was in this Abbey that Edgar was buried after his death on the 8th of January. Edgar had no children and so his brother Alexander became King of the Scots.

3.2 (64.44%) 9 votes