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Chain, Ernst Boris, Sir

Born: 1906 AD
Died: 1979 AD
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1906 – Born on June 19th in Berlin, Germany. German biochemist.

1928 – Worked with pathologist Howard Florey, Ernst Chain investigated Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of the penicillium notatum mold.

1933 – Chain fled Germany when Adolf Hitler took power, but his mother was unable to escape, and was killed in a German concentration camp.

1935 – He was a Pathology teacher at Oxford University.

1945 – Shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology with Howard Florey and Alexander Fleming.

1947 – Received the French Legion of Honor.

1948 – He was director of the International Research Centre for Chemical Microbiology in Rome.

1949 – Became a member of the Royal Society.

1961 – He was a professor of Biochemistry at the Imperial College London.

1969 – Appointed as a Knight of the British Empire.

1979 – Died of heart failure on August 12th Castlebar, Ireland.

2.3 (46.67%) 9 votes