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1018 – born Gebhard, Count of Calw, Tollenstein, and Hirschberg. 1054 – In September, at the instance of a Roman delegation headed by Hildebrand, later Pope Gregory VII, who likely intended to deprive the empire of one of its most capable advocates. 1055 – He was consecrated in St. Peter’s in Rome on the 13th ..

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         – Born in Rome, Italy 531 BC – Vigilius entered the service of the Roman Church and was ordained a deacon. 535 BC – Pope Agapetus I, appointed Vigilius papal representative at Constantinople; Vigilius thus came to the Eastern capital. 536 BC – Vigilius is said to have agreed to the plans of ..

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1310 – Born in Languedoc, France. Urban V was a man of austere life and great piety. As a patron of learning, he founded new universities at Orange, Kraków, and Vienna. 1353 – He became abbot of Saint-Germain, Auxerre. 1361 – Became abbot of Saint-Victor, Marseille. 1362 – He was elected successor to Innocent VI ..

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1857 – Born on May 31st on Desio, Italy. Italian pope, one of the most important modern pontiffs whose motto “the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ” illustrated his work to construct a new Christendom based on world peace. 1879 – Was ordained, became a scholar, a paleographer, and prefect of the Vatican ..

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1876 – He was born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli on the 2nd day of March this year in Rome, Italy.   1899 – He was ordained a priest on Easter Sunday, On the 2nd day of April this year, Bishop Francesco Paolo Cassetta—the vice-regent of Rome and a family friend and received his first ..

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1792 – Born in Senigallia into the noble family of Girolamo dei conti Ferretti, on the 13th of May. 1819 – He was ordained. 1823 – He worked initially as the rector of the Tata Giovanni Institute in Rome before being sent to Chile and Peru. 1825 – To assist the Apostolic Nuncio, Msgr Giovanni ..

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