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1922 – He was born on the 24th day of August this year in Brooklyn, New York.  1943 – He served the US Army at a very young age.  1945 – He was a second lieutenant who participated in the bombing of Royan, France.   1951 – He graduated in New York University.   1956 – He ..

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  1923 – born – May 27th – Furth, Germany       1938 – Kissinger’s family emigrated to U.S. from Germany, to escape Nazis persecution in 1938 (naturalized US citizen 1943)       1943-46 – US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps, Military Intelligence (1946-49)     1949-1964 – Married to Ann Fleisher, they have son and daughter.      ..

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US (Indian-born) journalist and political scientist   1961 – Born on the 25th of April in Bombay, India.   1978 – He was immigrated to US.   1987-1988 – Served as senior policy analyst in Ronald Reagan’s White House.   1983 – He graduated from Dartmouth College.           – Moved to Princeton, New Jersey, ..

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  " Fotógrafo " Pará USAR SUAS FERRAMENTAS de câmeras, Lentes e Luzes .- "Os Fotógrafos São empregadas in muitas temperatura e Empresas UMA variedade de Especialidades . "Um Fotógrafo PoDE Fazer UMA Carreira de tirar Casamentos fotos em. Outro PoDE hum in trabalhar Laboratório tirar fotos Científico atraves microscópicos hum de . "A maioria ..

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1939 – Birth of Robert Blackwill. An American diplomat and political scientist. 1967 – He joined the U.S. Foreign Service. 1989 – Served as Special Assistant to President George Bush for European and Soviet Affairs. 1990 – Awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany.          – ..

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