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1657 – Sophia, Tsarevna Sophia Alexeevna, born on the 27th of September in Moscow, Russia. Regent of Russia. Daughter of Tsar Alexis, she objected to the succession of her half brother Peter I (the Great) as tsar and instigated an uprising by the streltsy (household troops). 1682 – Was widely regarded as ruler and consolidated ..

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Russian ruler and reformer. 1672 – Born on the 9th of June in Moscow, Russia. 1682-1725 – Tsar of Russia ruled jointly with Ivan V.         – Peter implemented sweeping reforms aimed at modernizing Russia. 1689 – Planned to take power from his half-sister Sophia, whose position had been weakened by the unsuccessful two Crimean ..

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1530 – Ivan was born in Moscow on August 25, 1530. 1533 – Ivan’s father died and he formally came to the throne at the age of three but his mother acted as regent. 1544 – Ivan assumed power with experiences like being neglected and offended by the mighty boyars from the Shuisky and Belsky ..

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1551 – Boris Feodorovich Godunov was born this year. He is a Russian politician and ruler. 1570 – He is mentioned as taking part in the Serpeisk campaign as one of the archers of the guard. 1571 – He strengthened his position at court by his marriage to Maria, the daughter of Ivan’s abominable favorite ..

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1929 – Alexei I was born in Moscow, Russia on the 9th of March. 1645 – After his father’s death, Alexei I succeeded the throne on the 13th of July. He was under the care of the boyar Boris Morozov. 1648 – Married Maria Miloslavskaya on the 17th of January. In May, the people of ..

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1690 – Alexei was born in Moscow, Russia on the 28th of February. 1696-1699 – Educated by Vyazemsky, a private tutor. 1703 – He was ordered to follow the army to the field as a private in a bombardier regiment. 1704 – He was in the army that captured Narva. 1708 – Alexei was sent ..

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