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1924 – Orlando Ramon Agosti was born.   1976 – One of the three military officer that started a military junta to overthrew Isabel Peron. He was also a member of the triumvirate, Videla, Massera, Agosti, that seized power in Argentina.   1979 – Participated in coup d‘état and gained power.  The military junta’s murdered ..

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40 – Agricola was born in the colony of France on July 13, 40. 50 – Studied in Marseille and showed no interest in the study of philosophy. 58-62 – Became a military tribune. 62 – Married Domitia Decidiana, a woman of noble birth upon his return in Rome. 64 – Appointed to the quaestorship ..

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1892 – Born on the 3rd of December. 1935 – He was the president and publisher of The Chatanooga Times.        – He was the general manager of The New York Times for ten years, after the death of his uncle, Adolph Ochs. 1955 – He was a general during World War II.        ..

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1936 – Born in Asante Mampong, Ghana. 1969 – He was the head of state of Ghana. 1976 – He wrote a letter to General Acheampong, the head of state, advising him to            stop corruption and indiscipline in the army. 1979 – He was elected as a member of Parliament in the General Elections ..

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1914 – Born on September 15th in Springfield, Massachusetts. 1936-1940 – Graduated from the United States Military Academy.          – Promoted to first lieutenant, temporary captain, an armored officer early in the development of that branch and also served as a tank company commander in the 1st Armored Division.          – He married ..

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