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Dr. Steven Laifer was born on July 21, 1951 in New York City and attended the New York City Public Schools. He then studied at the City University of New York from 1968 to 1972, graduating with majors in Pre-Dental sciences, as well as in Economics.   During his college undergraduate years, he was a ..

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Douglas Benton Phillips was born in Baton Rouge, La in July 1954.  Douglas was the eldest  of three boys.  He lived in Lake Providence, LA  until graduated with honors from Briarfield Academy  in 1972.  Douglas attended Louisiana Tech University and graduated magna cum laude in in 1976 with a BA in chemistry.  He was an ..

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1815 – Born in January 21st in Vermont. American dentist, a pioneer in the use of surgical anesthesia. 1840 – He was a dentist in Hartford, CT, when he became interested in the possibility of using nitrous oxide – ‘laughing gas’ – as a painkiller while extracting teeth. 1844 – Wells noted the pain-killing properties ..

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1909 – Blaiberg was born in the small town of Uniondale, Western Cape. 1954 – At the age of forty-five, Blaiberg suffered his first heart attack. 1967 – In March, Blaiberg’s heart failed, and it appeared that he was dying. 1968 – He was the 2nd person to receive a heart transplant in the world. ..

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1810 – Born in Broome County, New York. He was a noted dentist and inventor of new denture method.   1851 – Invented modern dentures, with porcelain teeth attached to a platinum plate, for which he receiv..

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