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1876 – He was born on the 4th day of April of this year in Paris. He was born to musician parents in Paris. As a youth he studied violin before becoming a professional cyclist.   1894 – At his early aged of 18, Vlaminck roamed around the countryside and served in the army in ..

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1638 – Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Meindert Hobbema, the greatest landscape painter of the Dutch school after Ruysdael, lived at Amsterdam in the second half of the 17th century. 1668 – Meindert Hobbema was married at the age of thirty to Eeltije Vinck of Gorcum, in the Oudekerk or old church at Amsterdam, on the ..

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1825 – Hans Fredrik Gude, born in Christiania, Norway. He was a landscape and marine painter, and, with Adolph Tidemand, a leading figure among the Norwegian painters in Dösseldorf. 1837 – At the young age of 12, he took drawing lessons in Christiania (Oslo). 1842 – 1844 – He had private tuition from Andreas Achenbach, ..

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  " Fotógrafo " Pará USAR SUAS FERRAMENTAS de câmeras, Lentes e Luzes .- "Os Fotógrafos São empregadas in muitas temperatura e Empresas UMA variedade de Especialidades . "Um Fotógrafo PoDE Fazer UMA Carreira de tirar Casamentos fotos em. Outro PoDE hum in trabalhar Laboratório tirar fotos Científico atraves microscópicos hum de . "A maioria ..

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1817 – Born on February 15th in Paris into a family of painters and was taught the art by his father Edmond François Daubigny and his uncle, miniaturist Pierre Daubigny. French landscape painter. 1843 – He settled in Barbizon to work outside in nature. 1852 – He met Camille Corot in Optevoz (Isère).          ..

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