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Carlyle, Jane Baillie Welsh

Born: 1801 AD
Died: 1866 AD
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1801 – Born in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. English woman of letters, an intelligent, attractive, and somewhat temperamental daughter of a well-to-do doctor in Haddington.

         – She possessed a genius for letter writing, manifest in the volumes of her published correspondence.

1821 – Irving, admirer and suitor, was a close friend of the, then-unknown, writer Thomas Carlyle and introduced the couple.

1826 – Married to Thomas Carlyle on October 17th.

         – Jane seems to have been very tolerant of Carlyle’s failings, working hard to support her husband. Their life together is recorded in their numerous letters, written whenever the were apart.

1828 – They moved to Craigenputtoch, where her father had been born and which Jane had inherited.

         – While Carlyle enjoyed the solitude of the farm, spending his time writing, Jane was desperately lonely. Shortage of money forced her to develop a frugal approach to running the household, which persisted throughout their life together.

1866 – Died in London.

2.2 (44.62%) 13 votes