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Breuer, Marcel

Born: 1902 AD
Died: 1981 AD
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1902 – He was an influential modernist who born on the 21st day of May this year in Hungary.


1920 – He studied and taught at the Bauhaus, stressing the combination of art and technology, and eventually became the head of the carpentry shop there.


1925 – He may be best known for his design of the Wassily Chair, the first tubular bent-steel chair, designed this year for Wassily Kandinsky and inspired in part by bicycle handlebars.


1930 – Due to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, he was relocated to London.


1941 – He dissolved his partnership with Gropius in May this year and established his own firm in New York.


1945 – It’s The Geller House I, which is the first to employ his concept of the ‘binuclear’ house.


1949 – A demonstration house set up in the MOMA garden caused a new flurry of interest in the architect’s work, and an appreciation written by Peter Blake.


1953 – The commission for UNESCO headquarters in Paris was a turning point for him: his return to Europe, which is a return to larger projects after years of only residential commissions, and the beginning of his adoption of concrete as his primary medium.


1969 – He developed a 30-story proposed skyscraper over Grand Central Terminal, called "Grand Central Tower", which Ada Louise Huxtable called ‘a gargantuan tower of aggressive vulgarity. His reputation was damaged in New York.


1981 – He died in New York City.


2.9 (57.31%) 52 votes