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Barry, Max

Born: 1973 AD
Currently alive, at 45 years of age.
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1973 – Max was born in Melbourne, Australia on March 18, 1973.

1999 – Max wrote Syrup while working in Hewlett-Packard as a marketer. He put an extra X in his name for Syrup because he thought it was a funny joke about marketing.

2003 – Max wrote Jennifer Government, his second novel, was published without any superfluous Xs and sold much better. He is also the creator of NationStates (a game created to help advertise Jennifer Government) and is the owner of the website Tales of Corporate Oppression. To help promote his novels, Max wrote the online political game NationStates, which has been played by over half a million people and is currently causing him to drown in e-mail from people who want new features.

2004 – Barry converted his web site to a weblog and began regularly posting to it. In the November 2004 issue of the magazine Fast Company the novel Company was ranked at number 8 on a list of the top 100 "people, ideas, and trends that will change how we work and live in 2005."  Barry has recently finished writing the screenplay for Syrup, which was optioned by Fortress Entertainment.

2006 – Max will be releasing his third nocel, Company. Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to Company, which will be adapted by Steve Pink. Jennifer Government has also been optioned by Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney’s Section 8 Films.

3 (60%) 33 votes