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Allais, Maurice Felix Charles

Born: 1911 AD
Currently alive, at 106 years of age.

1911 – Allais was born in Paris, France on May 31, 1911.

1928 – Received his high school diploma in Latin and Science.

1929 – Received his two baccalaureate diplomas in Mathematics and Philosophy.

1934-1936 – Rendered service to the military and worked as an engineer in the mines public service.

1937 – Worked at the Nantes Mines and Quarries Service.

1943-1948 – Became Director of le Bureau of Mines Documentation and Statistics in Paris.

1949 – Received a Doctor-Engineer title from the University of Paris, Faculty of Science.

1954 – Presented the decision problem known as the Allais paradox.

1988 – He won the 1988 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.