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Alexander the Great

Born: 3560 AD
Died: 3230 AD
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356 – Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedon. According to legends, his father is Zeus Ammon.

346 – Alexander studied under Aristotle.

340 – Became Regent of Macedonia, when his father left for Byzantium.

338 – Assisted his father at the Battle of Chaeronea.

337 – Alexander and Alexander’s mother, Olympius go into exile after Alexander’s father married Cleopatra.

336 – Alexander became King of Macedon when his father was killed at the wedding of his sister. The assassin was rumoured to be a former lover of the groom.

335 – Went to expand the Macedonian kingdom. Together with his army they crossed the Hellespont. Won the battle between the Persians.

333 – Defeated the Persian army led by Darius II at the Battle of Issus.

332-331 – Arrived at Egypt and was welcomed as a liberator. He founded Alexandria in Egypt. He visted the Oracle of Siwah. Had the battle of Tyre.Alexander marched to Assyria and defeated Darius at the Battle of Gaugamela – the last battle against the Persians. He then marched to Babylon.

329 – His campaign against the Bessus ended and he founded more cities.

327 – Went and crossed Hindu Kush and Oxus River.

326 – Started the invasion of India. Crossed Indus River.He captured Aornos and appointed Sisikottos governor of Aornos. Fought Porus, ruler of Punjab at the Battle of Hydaspes at Jhelum River. He won the battle and was greatly impressed on how Porus fought. He made an alliance and appointed him satrap of his kingdom.

325 – His army refuses to keep on battling.

323 – Died on the 11th of June, in Babylon of a mysterious illness.

3.4 (67.26%) 113 votes