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Zyuganov, Gennady Andreyevich

Born: 1944 AD
Currently alive, at 74 years of age.
2.4 (48%) 10 votes

1944 – Born on the 26th of June in the village of Mimrino, Orel Region.


1969 – He graduated with honors from Oryol Pedagogical College.


1980 – He worked as a part time student at the Academy of Social Sciences.

– Defended his thesis.


1963 – He served in the Soviet Army for three years and became the member of the Communist Party afterwards.


1971- Became the first Secretary of the Oryol Young Communist League (Regional committee)


1974 – He then served for the another committee: Communist Party Municipal Committee.


1983 – For six years he instructed the propaganda and campaign section of the CPCC (Communist Party Central Committee.)


1989 – Seated as the Deputy Head of the propaganda section of the CPCC.


1990 – He got elected as the Secretary of the Central Committee, member of the Comunist Party Politbureau, and as a Chairman of the permanent commission of the Russian CPCC on humanitarian and ideological problems.


1992 – On the 12th of June, he became the member of the presidium of the first Russian National Congress. After four months, he became a member of the National Salvation Front Organization Committee.


1993 – On the 13th of February, he became the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee. He also took a part in the 2nd congress of the National Salvation Front.

– On December of the same year, he was elected as the Deputy of the State Duma


1994 – Supported the “Accord for Russia” movement.


1995 – He later on became the Chairman of the Russian Communist Party Central Committee.

– On December of the same year, he was re-elected as the Deputy of the State Duma


1996 – Nominated by the Communist Party as party candidate for president. He also ran for president but unsuccessful.

– Elected Chairman of the "People’s Patriotic Movement".


1999 – He channeled the Communist their attempt to impeach President Yeltsin.


2000 – He ran again for President and unsuccessful for the second time.

2.4 (48%) 10 votes