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Zuloaga, Felix

Born: 1814 AD
Died: 1876 AD
2.6 (52.94%) 17 votes

1814 – One of Mexico’s Presidents was born this year in Alamos, Chihuahua.
1834 – On his 20th year, he entered the National Guard as lieutenant, and served until 1837 on the frontier against the Apaches.
1840 – He served during the riots of July this year, and against the secessionists of Yucatan.
1847 – He fortified the southern approaches to the capital, during the preparations for the war against the United States he directed the construction of the defences of Monterey and Saltillo.
1848 – He retired to Chihuahua.
1853 – He was recalled to active service, promoted colonel, made president of the perpetual court-martial, and sent to the south against the revolution of Ayutla in 1854.
1855 – He was forced to capitulate at Nuxco , he was saved by one of his men from being shot, keeping him on his staff, and after the triumph of the Liberal party.
1857 – He pronounced with his brigade in Tacubaya against the new constitution.
1858 – He became the president in his stead, the garrison rose against him, and on the 23d of December that year, he was deposed.
1859 – On the return of General Miramon, from the campaign of the interior on that year, declared the deposition of Zuloaga illegal, and reinstated him; but the latter resigned and appointed Miramon his substitute.
1864 – He returned and made his submission to the empire without taking any further part in politics.

2.6 (52.94%) 17 votes