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Zukor, Adolph

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1976 AD
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1873 Born on January 7


         – A pioneer in the American film industry who helped Develop the star system.


1910 – Formed Loew’s consolidated with Marcus Loew


         – This gave him control of a large chain of film theaters.


1912 – The Engadine Corporation, which he started to show Queen Elizabeth, a four-reeler starring Sarah Bernhardt, led to the organization of famous Players in famous plays and hiring of big-name stars with whom he hoped to produce film versions of popular stage show.


1916 – He merged with Jesse L. Lasky’s feature plays, and the next year took charge of famous players-Lasky’s distribution company, Paramount, which later combined with production company and movie-theater chain.


1935 – He served as president of Paramount.


1976 – Died on June 10

2.9 (58.89%) 18 votes