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Zuccaro, Federico

Born: 1540 AD
Died: 1609 AD
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1585 – Painted Doge’s Palace in Venice


1594 – Worked on the adoration of the Magi (cathedral, Lucca) demonstrates greater concessions to naturalism foreshadowing the baroque 16th century


          – Helped develop the Mannerist style in Central Italy during the mid-16th century


          – Among Federico’s important works is the large Barbarossa making obeisance to the Pope


          – Federico established the Academy of Saint Luke in his own house in Rome (now Biblioteca Hertiziana)


1607 – He was also in a theoretician; his L’Idea de’scultori, pittori et architetti (The idea of sculpture, painting and architecture), was first published in Turin


1609 – Died on July 20

2.5 (50%) 24 votes