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Zmed, Adrian

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.
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1954 – He was born in Chicago, Illinois.
1970 – He took on the role of Danny Zuko in Grease twice: first during the original Broadway and the next one is during the revival.
1982 – He starred as "Johnny Nogerelli", the new leader of the "T-Birds", in Grease 2, opposite Michelle Pfeiffer.
1983 – He played "Gerone" in The Final Terror, while this film bombed at the box office.
1984 – He played "Jay O’Neill" in “Bachelor Party”, alongside Tom Hanks. His career continue to grow on TV, he even became the host of Dance Fever and appeared on TV series “T.J Hooker”.
1990 – He returned to stage work.
1995 – He once appeared in the revival of the movie “Grease”.
2002 – He provided the voiceover for "Toth" in the video game, Star Wars Jedi Star fighter.
2006 – He most recently appeared as Noah in the musical The Ark, in New York City, and in Stan Harrington film, The Craving Heart.

2.2 (44%) 5 votes