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Zevon, Warren

Born: 1947 AD
Died: 0000 AD
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1947 – He was born on the January 24, in Chicago, Illinois.


1969 – His first attempt at a solo album “Wanted Dead or Alive” was produced by 1960’s cult figure Kim Fowley. However, did not fare well in the marketplace.


1970 – He returned to Los Angeles, and became associated with the then-burgeoning West Coast music scene, resulting in collaborations with Jackson Browne, who would produce and promote his self-titled major-label debut.


1977 – His first tour in this year included guest appearances in the middle of Jackson Browne concerts, one of which was documented on a widely circulated bootleg recording of a Dutch radio program under the title The Offender meets the Pretender.


1978 – He released his breakthrough album, Excitable Boy, to critical acclaim and popular success. The title tune was about a juvenile sociopath’s murderous prom night, name-checked "Little Susie.”


1981 – He came up the live album Stand in the Fire (dedicated to Martin Scorsese), recorded over five nights at the Roxy in Los Angeles.


1991 – He released Mr. Bad Example, which featured the modest pop hit "Searching for a Heart" and the rocker "Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead," He later utilized for the title of a neo-noir cult movie by director Gary Fleder.


1995 – He released the self-produced Mutineer. Bob Dylan live on tour in the 2000s frequently covered the title track, and his cover of cult artist Judee Sill’s "Jesus Was a Cross maker" predated the wider rediscovery of her work a decade later.


2002 – He was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman as the only guest for the entire hour.


2003 – He died at the age of 56 at his home in Los Angeles, California on the 7th day of September this year.















3 (60%) 38 votes