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Zernike, Frits

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1966 AD
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1888 – A Dutch inventor and Physicist who invented phase contrast microscope, was born on the 16th day of July in Amsterdam.


1905 – He entered the University of Amsterdam, studying chemistry, with physics and mathematics as minor subjects.


1908 – He won a prize essay on probabilities for which he obtained a gold medal of the University of Groningen.


1912 – He was rewarded for his more elaborated work on critical opalescence at Harlem by the Dutch Society of Sciences.


1915 – In this year the prize essay later formed the basis of his doctor’s thesis.


1913 – He was invited by the famous Professor of Astronomy at Groningen University to become his assistant.


1915 – He got his first university teaching post as successor of Ornstein as lecturer in mathematical physics at Groningen.


1920 – He became a full pledge professor at the same University.


1930 – He made a great discovery of the phase-contrast phenomenon in his totally black painted optical laboratory, which did not immediately receive the attention it deserved.


1953 – He won the Nobel Prize for physics for his invention of the phase contrast microscope.


1954 – He got married to Mrs. L. Koperberg-Baanders., right after his retirement from Groningen University then they moved to Naarden.


1966 – He died at Amersfoort, Amsterdam.

3 (60%) 28 votes