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Zeppelin, Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich, Count von

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1917 AD
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1838- Born on July 8. He was a retired German army general who invented the rigid dirigible.
1900 -Zeppelin was nearly 62 years old when he made the first directed flight on July 2.
– His 126 m long (419 ft.) zeppelin was kept aloft by 16 bags, or cells, full of hydrogen enclosed in a fabric-covered, cigar-shaped aluminum frameworks and powered by two 16 hp engines.
– During World War I about 40 zeppelins were shot down while on air raids over London.
1937 -The most famous of the zeppelins, the HINDENBURG, went down in flames over Lakehurst, New Jersey.
– Its short but dramatic year ended soon after Lakehurst tragedy.  
– The zeppelin was too slow and too and explosive a target in wartime and too fragile to withstand bad weather.
1917- Died on March 8

2.9 (57.39%) 23 votes