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Zenger, John Peter

Born: 1697 AD
Died: 1746 AD
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1697- He was born in Germany; He is an American (German-born) journalist. The defendant in a famous trial that set a precedent for freedom of the press in the United States.
1710 – Zenger migrated to New York City, where he was apprenticed to the official printer, William Bradford.
1726 – He started printing on his own, and within 5 years he had achieved considerable success.
1733 – He printed the New York weekly journal, at the request of journalist James Alexander and others.
-opposing the government-controlled New York Gazette.
-he was subsequently charged with seditious libel and bought to trial after 9 months in prison
-at his trial, Zenger’s lawyer did not deny that the accused had printed the so-called libelous material but challenged the jury to decide whether what he had printed was true.

1735 – Acquitted of libel in court case on freedom of press
1736 – Published an account of his trial the weekly journal until his death
1746- Died on July 28

2.9 (57.37%) 38 votes