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Zasulich, Vera

Born: 1849 AD
Died: 1919 AD, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Writers



1894 - A Russian Marxist writer and revolutionary was born on the 27th of July in Mikhaylovka, Russia.


1866 - Graduated from high school and moved to St. Petersburg, where she worked as a clerk.


- Became involved in radical politics and taught literacy classes for factory workers.


1869 - Communicate with Russian revolutionary leader Sergei Nechaev led to her arrest and imprisonment.


1873 - Released and she settled in Kiev, where she joined the Kievan Insurgents, a revolutionary group of Mikhail Bakunin's anarchist supporters, becoming a respected leader of the movement.


1878 - Shot Trepov and wounded seriously.


1883 - Converted to Marxism and co-founded Emancipation of Labour group with Georgi Plekhanov and Pavel Axelrod.


- Commissioned to translate a number of Karl Marx's works into Russian.


1903 - Returned to Russia after the Revolution, but her interest in revolutionary politics waned.


1917 - Supported the Russian war effort during World War I and opposed the October Revolution.


1919 - She died on the 8th of May in Petrograd.





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