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Zappa, Dweezil

Born: 1969 AD
Currently alive, at 49 years of age.
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1969 – He was born in Los Angeles as Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa in real life, second among the four siblings of Gail Sloatman and Frank Zappa. Soon he was officially and lawfully renamed as Dweezil.


1980 – He started out his career as a MTV VJ and also recorded some solo albums and plays guitar for other artist. He doesn’t deny that he’s a big fan of guitar player Van Halen. He also appeared in the music video, and played his first cameo role as Simon, Andi’s friend in Pretty in Pink.


1990 – He had the break to voice over one of the lead character in the animated series Duckman and appeared in the TV sitcom “Normal Life “for a short time.


1998 – He played a small role in the Michael Keaton movie Jack Frost, co starring Moon Unit and Henry Rollins.


2004 – He and musician Lisa Loeb starts dating and became real life sweethearts, the couple hosted a cooking show together and broke up in the summer of this year.


2005 – He finally got married to a fashion stylist Lauren Knudsen on September of this year in Los Angeles.


2006 – He tried to continue the legacy of his father by organizing a tour; he assembled a band of young musician which aims to bring the music of Frank Zappa to young audience which has become a success.

2.5 (50.67%) 15 votes