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Zapatero, Jose Luis Rodriguez

Born: 1960 AD
Currently alive, at 58 years of age.
1.8 (35%) 12 votes

1960 – Born on the 4th of August in Valladolid.


1979 – He is a member of the PSOE. He later became General Secretary of the Socialist Federation and served as PSOE Federal Committee.


1986 – He was elected and proclaimed as a Member of Parliament for Leon in served on Justice, Ombudsman, and Constitutional Committees and as a Spokesman for different laws such as; The Function of Public Statistics, Demarcation of Court Jurisdictions, and Political Party Funding.


1989 – He was re-elected as Parliament member


1993 to 1996 – He was again re-elected as Parliament Member.


2000 – He was the General Secretary of the PSOE.


2003 – He got elected as the Vice-President of Socialist International during the XXII Congress of the Socialist International, Sao Paulo.


2004 – Seated as the President of PSOE party.

1.8 (35%) 12 votes