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Zane, Billy

Born: 1966 AD
Currently alive, at 52 years of age.
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1966 – Born on the 24th day of February in Chicago, Illinois USA.



1982 – Attended the American School in Switzerland. He spent his highschool days in Francis Parker. Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Beils became his classmates.



1985 – He went to California to try his luck in acting and he was very lucky to get into the big screen, he played the part of Match in the film Back to the Future.



1986 – He landed in a small role in film Critters he also appeared in several television movies.



1989 – He did the Dead Calm where she met her future wife Lisa Collins. His role was about the handsome and mysterious stranger who gets stuck with Sam Neill.



1996 – He got the lead role in the film The Phantom.



1997 – He got the role of Cal Hockley, he was the fiancé of Rose In Blockbuster film Titanic.



1999 – He also starred in Cleopatra a television movie where he added more muscle to his already buff physique.



2005 – He played a jealous husband opposite to Kelly Brooks in "Three," to whom he was engaged.

2.9 (57.84%) 37 votes