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Zamora, Diane

Born: 1978 AD
Currently alive, at 37 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: None


1978 - Born on the 21st of January in Crowley Texas. She is a former US Navy midshipman.

1995 - Graham and Zamora began dating in August and only about a month later they announced their engagement to their families.

       - In November, David Graham had sex with track teammate Adrianne Jones, who was from Mansfield, Texas.

       - Ridden with guilt over his infidelity, Graham confessed his affair to Diane around December 1st. An enraged Zamora allegedly demanded that Graham atone for his trangression by killing Jones.

       - On the 3rd of December, Graham and Zamora carried out their plan. Late that night, around 10:30 PM, Graham called and arranged a date with Adrianne Jones. Unbeknownst to her parents, Jones snuck out of her house later that night to go out with Graham, who picked her up outside her house.

1996 - She confessed the murder to her two roommates at Annapolis during a late night conversation in late August.

       - At the time of her high school graduation, Zamora was scheduled to attend the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

1998 - Diane Zamora’s two-week trial began in February in Fort Worth with Judge Joe Drago III presiding.

       - On the 17th of February, after over six hours of deliberations over two days, a Texas jury found Diane Zamora guilty of capital murder in the death of Adrianne Jones.

2003 - In June, Diane married another inmate in a Texas prison. A judge in San Antonio performed the wedding ceremony in which Zamora's mother and a male friend stood in for the imprisoned couple.

2007 - In April, Zamora was interviewed by Stone Phillips on Dateline, where she was questioned about her failure of a polygraph test in relation to the murder. She is currently incarcerated at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas.


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