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Born: 6XX0 AD
Died: 5XX0 AD
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660 B.C – The code of Zaleucus is declared to have been the author of the written laws that the Greeks possessed.

650 B.C – Zaleucus law flourished in 650 B.C. Considered to be the earliest codification of Greek law or the ‘Locrian Code’

600 B.C – Athena revealed the "laws of Zaleucus."

500 B.C – Zaleucus enacted a law against adultery. And the lawbreaker should lose both eyes as a punishment. The one, who found guilty of this offence, was his own son. He refused to acquit his young man, but submitted to the loss of one of his own eyes instead of exacting the full penalty of the offender; He also established a law forbidding a citizen to enter the Senate-house bearing a weapon but he violated his law in a sudden emergency during the stress of war, was reminded of the law, and straightway fell upon his sword as a sacrifice to the sovereignty of the claims of social order.

2.6 (52.59%) 27 votes