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Young, Whitney Moore Jr.

Born: 1921 AD
Died: 1971 AD
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1921- Born in Lincoln Ridge, Ky.; birth of a US civil rights leader and a social worker and educator who became executive director of the National Urban League


1947 -After military service during World War II, he earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota.


1947-1954 -He helped positions with the National Urban League


1954 -He became dean of the Graduate School of Social Work at Atlanta University.


1961-1971 -He served as Director of the Urban League.

-He improved the Africa-American employment opportunities through anti-poverty job training programs; in the face of severe criticism from African-American militants, he favored cooperation rather than confrontation.

-Under his leadership the Urban league grew dramatically and secured millions of dollars in corporate contributions for the organization’s programs.


1971- Died on March 11

2.7 (53.85%) 13 votes