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Yameogo, Maurice

Born: 1921 AD
Died: 1985 AD
2.4 (48.7%) 92 votes

1921 – Born on the 31st of December at Koudougou, West Africa.

1948 – He was elected General Counsellor of Koudougou, West Africa.

1957 – he was elected Grand Counsellor of AOF (French Occidental Africa) on a MDV list

            (Voltaic Democratic Movement).

1958 – He was appointed as a Minister of Interior.
1959 – On the 11th of December he became the the first President of the new Republic of Upper-Volta West Africa.

1960 – He proclaimed independence of the country of Upper-Volta West Africa.

1965 – He married Suzanne de Monaco, a young Ivorian woman.

1966 – On the 3rd of January He was obliged to leave the his Presidency.

1969 – He was condemned to five years of forced work and to a life time banishment.

1985 – He was was exiled in Ivory Coast on the south coast of the western bulge of Africa.

2.4 (48.7%) 92 votes