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Yamagata, Aritomo

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1922 AD
Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Military Officer, Politicial Adviser

1838 – Born in a low-class samurai family of Hagi; birth of the modern Japanese Army founder

1863 – commander of Kihei-tai

– became prominent in his role in the Meiji Restoration

1869 – flew to Europe along with Saigo Tsugumichi to research about the military system of European Forces

-became the pioneering minister of war after studying European military systems

– became the Chief of the General Staff

1877 – led the modernized Imperial Army against the Takamori-led rebellion

– created the first conscript army and the general staff wherein he became chief
– continued as Chief of the General Staff

– He eventually served as head of the army

– last term as Chief of the General Staff

– Home Minister for three cabinets
– in 1891, he was given the honor of Genro (official elder statesman)

– around these years, he served as premier and minister of justice

– directed the army during the Sino-Japanese War
– positions include Commanding General, First Army, First Sino-Japanese War

– 2nd term as Prime Minister and served as an Acting War Minister

– He was chief of staff during the Russo-Japanese War.

1906 – tasked by King Edward VII as the Order of Merit

1922- Died on February 1