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Wynn, Ed

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1966 AD
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1886 – He was born on the 9th day of November of this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He ran away from home in his teens and eventually adapted his middle name "Edwin" into his new stage name, "Ed Wynn", to save his family the embarrassment of having a low comedian as a relative.


1914 – Starting this year, he became a star of the Ziegfeld Follies. He was once a headliner in vaudeville in the early-1910s.


1921 – He was best known as a comedian, top billed as The Perfect Fool (and starring in a musical revue of that name on Broadway in this year). He hosted a popular radio show for most of the 1930s, heard in North America on Tuesday nights, sponsored by Texaco gasoline. He was often seen wearing a fireman’s helmet, as the "Texaco Fire Chief".


1933 – Wynn founded his own short-lived radio network, the Amalgamated Broadcasting System, which lasted only five weeks in 1933.


1949 – He hosted a television show, and won an Emmy Award in 1949. After the end of his television show, Wynn reluctantly began a career as a dramatic actor in television and movies.


1957 – His son, actor Keenan Wynn, had encouraged him to make the career change rather than retire. The two appeared in this year’s Playhouse 90 broadcast of Rod Serling’s play Requiem for a Heavyweight.


1959 – He as serious dramatic actor who could easily hold his own with the best. His role in The Diary of Anne Frank won him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in this year. Also in this year, he appeared on Serling’s TV series The Twilight Zone.


1967 – The last movie that he appeared in was The Gnome-Mobile in this year, in which he plays the character Rufus. Wynn provided the voice of the Mad Hatter in Walt Disney’s film, Alice in Wonderland and appeared as the Fairy Godfather in Jerry Lewis’ Cinderfella.


1966 – He died of a throat cancer on the 19th day of June of this year in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

1.7 (33.33%) 6 votes