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Wyeth, Andrew Newell

Born: 1917 AD
Currently alive, at 101 years of age.
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1917- Born in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania; birth of one of the most popular American Artist

– received his artistic training from his father, N. C. Wyeth, a notebook and magazine illustrator


1937-1938 – came up with his work called Robin Hood


1948 – painted Christina’s World in Maine (Museum of Modern Art, New York City)


1959 – also did Ground Hog Day (Philadelphia Museum of Art) where his mastery in manipulating the light and texture manifested


1960s – became one of the most expensive artists


1961 – painted Tenant Farmer (Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington)

– implied the unseen tenant farmer’s struggle with nature

– his paintings are primarily inspired by the farming community of his native Chadds Ford, Pa., and the fishing town of Cushing, Maine

– paints in both watercolor and tempera

3.1 (61.67%) 24 votes