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Wright, Wilbur (Wright Brothers)

Born: 1867 AD
Died: 1912 AD, at 45 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers, Inventor, Pilots


1867 - Born in Millville, Indiana.



1870 - They moved to Dayton and Orville was born.



1880-1890 - Published a newspaper and formed the Wright Cycle Company (provider of bicycles) alongside his brother.



1896 - Learned about the early European experiments in sustained flights and caught the interest of starting out the aviation.



1900-1902 - Traveled to Kitty Hawk to test and Flying gliders.



1902 - Encountered a problem as they had a hard time finding an engine light and powerful enough for their plane invention. Also invented a light and powerful engine for their glider or plane.



1903 - On the 17th of December, made the first successful flight in a self-propelled heavier than aircraft



1906 - Demonstrates their airplane in front of the army.



1907- Had a contract with US Army Signal Corps to build an airplane which is two-seater.



1908-1909 - Became popular after setting the record Le Mans, France during his flight.



1909 - Delivered the two-seater airplane.


         - established their American Wright Company.



1912 - Died due to typhoid fever.



1965 - Selected for the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.




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