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Worth, William Scott

Born: 1840 AD
Died: 1904 AD
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William Scott Worth Brigadier General, United States Army

    Born on January 6th, 1840, in New York, the son of General William J. Worth, United States Army, and Miss Martha Stafford.

    He served in the American Civil War, 1861-1866, and was appointed as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry in the 8th United States Infantry Regiment on April 26th, 1861, and accepted the appointment on May 2nd, 1861; promoted to First Lieutenant of Infantry on June 7th, 1861; served as Regimental Adjutant from September 25th, 1861, to April 13th, 1862; served as a Volunteer Aide-de-Camp from December 8th, 1862, to March 23rd, 1863, and again from July 11th, 1863, to June 21st, 1865, on the staffs of General A.J. Smith, and General Henry Hunt; brevetted to the rank of Captain on August 1st, 1864, for gallant and distinguished service in the assault upon Petersburg, Virginia; brevetted to the rank of Major on April 9th, 1865, for gallant and meritorious services in the Appomattox Campaign. Promoted to Captain of Infantry on January 14th, 1866; promoted to Major of Infantry with the 2nd Infantry Regiment on March 9th, 1891; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry with the 13th Infantry Regiment on November 26th, 1894.

      During the Spanish-American War, 1898, he was appointed as a Brigadier General of United States Volunteers on July 12th, 1898. He was honorably discharged from Volunteer service on October 31st, 1898. Promoted to Colonel of Infantry with the 16th Infantry Regiment on August 11th, 1898; promoted to Brigadier General, United States Army, on October 29th, 1898; retired from active service in the United States Army on November 9th, 1898.

      General William S. Worth died on October 16th, 1904.

2.8 (55.56%) 9 votes