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Woods, Granville T.

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1910 AD
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1856 – He was born on the 23rd day of April this year in Columbus, Ohio. He literally learned his skills on the job. Attending school in Columbus until age 10 to help his father in a machine shop; he served an apprenticeship in a machine shop and learned the trades of machinist and blacksmith.


1872 – Woods got a job as a firefighter on the Danville and Southern Railroad in Missouri, eventually becoming an engineer.


1874 – Woods moved to Springfield, Illinois, and worked in a rolling mill.


1878 – He took a job aboard the Ironsides, a British steamer, and, within two years, became Chief Engineer of the steamer.


1884 – He along with his brother Lyates formed the Woods Railway Telegraph company in this year.


1885 – He patented a apparatus which was a combination of a telephone and a telegraph. The device was called a “telegraphony”. Alexander Graham Bell’s company purchased the rights to Woods’ "telegraphony," enabling him to become a full-time inventor.


1887 – He patented devices for wireless induction telegraphy, with the aim to communicate with moving trains.


1888 – He patented a system for overhead electric conducting lines for railroads. In his early thirties, he became interested in thermal power and steam-driven engines.


1889 – He filed his first patent for an improved steam-boiler furnace.


1892 – He used his knowledge of electrical systems in creating a method of supplying electricity to a train without any exposed wires or secondary batteries.


1910 – He died on the 30th day of January this year.

3.4 (68.28%) 58 votes