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Yusen Wu (Woo-John)

Born: 1946? AD
Currently alive.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: None


1946 - Born on the 22nd of September.

1969 - When he was 23, Woo got a job as a script supervisor at Cathay Studios.

1971 - He became an assistant director at Shaw Studios, where the famous Chang Cheh took him under his wing.

1974 - He directed his first feature film The Young Dragon. Choreographed by Jackie Chan, it was a Kung fu action film that featured dynamic camera-work and elaborate action scenes.

1977 - He later had success as a comedy director with Money Crazy, starring Hong Kong comedian Ricky Hui.

1980s - He suffered a burnout. His films were failures at the box office and he retreated to Taiwan in exile. John Woo— once called the new comedy king of Hong Kong— seemed to be on his way out.

1993 - John Woo found himself in a new land with a new culture. He was commissioned by Universal Studios to direct the Jean Claude Van Damme film Hard Target.

2000 - He has made three additional Hollywood films: Mission: Impossible II, Windtalkers and Paycheck. While Mission: Impossible II was a huge hit in 2000, Windtalkers and Paycheck have been box office duds that were lambasted by critics.

2007 - He is slated to return to China with Chow Yun-Fat sometime in 2008 to shoot his next major project, the highly anticipated The Battle of Red Cliff, based on a historical epic battle from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is currently in pre-production. He is also involved in numerous projects in a producing capacity.


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