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William II Rufus (William II of England)

Born: 1056? AD
Died: 1100 AD.

Nationality: English
Categories: King


1056 - William's exact date of birth is unknown.

1086 - He inherited the Anglo-Norman settlement whose details are reflected in Domesday Book, a survey that could not have been undertaken anywhere else in Europe at that time and a signal of the control of the monarchy; but he did not inherit William's charisma or political skills.

1087 - He was crowned on as a King of England on the 26th of September.

1090 - He invaded Normandy, crushing Robert's forces and forcing him to cede a portion of his lands.

1091 - He attacked Normandy with some success; by the treaty of Rouen, Robert let him hold what he had won in return for help in restoring order and regaining the county of Maine.

1093 - He appointed as archbishop Anselm, Abbot of Bec, a leading theologian, who made every effort to decline the office.

1100 - On the 2nd of August, while hunting in the New Forest with his brother Henry, he was killed by an arrow shot by Walter Tirel. His body was brought by a forester to Winchester and buried without ceremony in the Cathedral, while his brother seized his treasure and his throne.


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