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Wilkinson, James

Born: 1757 AD
Died: 1825 AD
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1757 – Born in Calvert County, Maryland on the 24th of  March.

1775 – Wilkinson first served in Thompson’s Pennsylvania rifle battalion.

         – He was commissioned a captain in September.

         – He served under Col. Benedict Arnold in the Siege of Boston and at Montreal during the Invasion of Canada.

         – He became an aide to General Horatio Gates and served under General George Washington in the battles at Trenton and Princeton.

1777 – He was brevetted as a major general.

1778 – He was concurrently secretary to the Board of War.

1779-1781 – He then served as clothier general of the Army from July to March.

1782 – He became Brigadier General of the Pennsylvania militia.

1784 – He moved to the Kentucky District and was active there in efforts to achieve independence from Virginia.

1787 – Wilkinson undertook a highly controversial trip to New Orleans, which was a colony of Spain.

         – In August, Wilkinson signed an expatriation declaration and swore allegiance to the King of Spain.

1788 – Upon returning to Kentucky in February, Wilkinson vigorously opposed the new U.S. Constitution.

         – Wilkinson had apparently lost the support of officials in the Spanish mainland.

1791 – In March, he led a force of Kentucky volunteers against Indians north of the Ohio River, and in October he received a commission to the U.S. Army as lieutenant colonel, commandant of the 2nd Infantry.

1793 – He secretly maintained contacts with the Spanish government and informed them of plans for General George Rogers Clark to attack New Orleans.

1794 – He was promoted to Brigadier General and served on the frontier under General Anthony Wayne, commanding the right wing in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in August.

1796 – He was appointed commander at Detroit and partially redeemed himself by rejecting entreaties to lead a rebellion in the Natchez, Mississippi, area.

1796-1798 – He became the senior officer of the U.S. Army from December 15th to July 13th.

         – Wilkinson was transferred to the southern frontier.

1790 – During the Quasi-War crisis of the between France and the United States, he was given the third place in the United States Army behind George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

1800-1812 – Wilkinson was again the senior officer of the United States Army, from June 15th to January 27th.

         – He exchanged communications with Aaron Burr, which many suspect concerned Burr’s conspiracy to set up an independent nation in the west.

         – He was found not guilty on the 25th of December.

         – Wilkinson was commissioned a major general in the War.

1813 – In March, Wilkinson and his soldiers occupied Mobile in Spanish West Florida.

1814 – He led two failed campaigns and was relieved from active service, but he was cleared by a military inquiry.

1816-1821 – He published his memoirs, Memoirs of My Own Times and visited Mexico in pursuit of a Texas land grant.

1825 – Died on the 28th of December.

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