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Wilhelm Wolff Beer

Born: 1797 AD
Died: 1850 AD

1797 – Born on the 4th of January.

         – He built a private observatory with a 9.5 cm refractor in Tiergarten, Berlin.

1830 – Beer and Mädler created the first globe of the planet Mars.

1834-1836 – Produced the first exact map of the Moon entitled Mappa Selenographica.

1837 – Published a description of the Moon Der Mond nach seinen kosmischen und individuellen Verhältnissen.

1839 – Made a map of Mars and calculated its rotation period.

         – He worked as a writer and politician.

1849 – Elected as an MP for the first chamber of the Prussian parliament.

1850 – Died on the 27th of March.