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Wilbye, John

Born: 1574 AD
Died: 1638 AD
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1574 – Born on the 7th of March at Brome in Norfolk, the son of a tanner, and received the patronage of the Cornwallis family.

1594 – He accompanied Elizabeth Cornwallis to Hengrave Hall near Bury St. Edmunds in around when she married Sir Thomas Kytson the Younger.

1600 – He was chosen to proofread John Dowland’s Second Booke of Songs.

1608 – A set of madrigals by him appeared and a second, the two sets containing sixty-four pieces.

1628 – On the death of Elizabeth Cornwallis, Wilbye went to live with her daughter Mary Darcy, Countess Rivers in Colchester.

1638 – Died in September there in Colchester.

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