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Whitford, Bradley

Born: 1959 AD
Currently alive, at 59 years of age.
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1959 – Born on the 10th of October in Madison, Wisconsin.

1995 – Whitford is also popular for his role as the evil businessman Eric Gordon in the smash comedy Billy Madison.

1999 – Whitford is best known for his role as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on the NBC television drama The West Wing, which he began with the show’s premiere.

2001 – He won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

2006 – Since The West Wing ended in May, Whitford has appeared in West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin’s later series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip playing the role of Danny Tripp.

         – Whitford will be the keynote speaker for Class Day at Princeton University this June


3 (60%) 1 vote