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Whitaker, Forest

Born: 1961 AD
Currently alive, at 57 years of age.
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1961 – Born on the 15th of July in Longview, Texas.


1982 – Forest Whitaker appeared in his first film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” as a football player.


1986 – He did another role as a hulking young pool player who baffled Fast Eddie Felson played by Paul Newman in the movie “The Color of Money.”


1988 – He was subsequently selected by director Clint Eastwood for the prize role of jazz great Charlie "Bird" Parker in Bird. He won the Best Actor award at Cannes.


1992 – He gained true fame for his role as a captured British soldier whose prior relationship with the mysterious Dil played by Jaye Davidson, catalyzes the plot of “The Crying Game.”


1994 – He portrayed a role of a fashion designer who has a tryst with fellow designer Richard E. Grant.


1995 – He played as an empath on the trail of an alien in the movie “Species” 1996 – He got married to fellow actress Keisha Nash.


1999 – Did a fantastic role as he portrayed the title character in Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog in the movie “The Way of the Samurai.”


2000 – He starred in the futuristic action film “Battleship Earth.”


2006 – Whitaker joined the cast of FX’s cop serial “The Shield,” as Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh. He also started his multi-episode story arc on “ER” as Curtis Ames


2007 – On the 25th of February, he won the Oscar’s Best Actor Award in the movie "The Last King in Scotland" directed by Kevin Macdonald.

3 (60%) 10 votes