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West, Benjamin

Born: 1738 AD
Died: 1820 AD
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1738 – He was born this year in Springfield.

1756 – He as a young man, He proved gifted artistic talent and was sent to Philadelphia in this year to study painting.

1760 – He sailed for Italy, where Neoclassicism was rapidly gaining ground. West visited most of the leading art cities of Italy.

1763 – He went to London, where he set up as a portrait painter. In London he soon became intimate with Sir Joshua Reynolds and gained widespread popularity.

1801 – Though his loyalty to America, West keep hold of the king’s friendship and support until this year.

1802 – He visited Paris and exhibited his final sketch for Death on the Pale Horse

1820 – He died this year in London.


1.7 (33.33%) 3 votes