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Weller, Peter

Born: 1947 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
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1947 – He was born on the 24th day of June this year in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. His father was a helicopter pilot for the Army, and as a result young Pete Weller spent many years abroad. His family lived in Germany for several years, before eventually moving to Texas.He attended Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio. While enrolled at North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas), he played trumpet in one of the campus bands.


1970 – During this year, his his Broadway credits were "Full Circle," directed by Otto Preminger, and "Summer Brave," William Inge’s rewrite of his play "Picnic." About this time, he became a member of the famed Actor’s Studio.


1979 – His film debut was in Richard Lester’s “Butch and Sundance: The Early Days” in this year.


1980 – He then co-starred with Alan King and Ali MacGraw in Sidney Lumet’s “Just Tell Me What You Want”.


1982 –He co-starred with Albert Finney and Diane Keaton, in Alan Parker’s “Shoot the Moon”.


1983 – He starred Of Unknown Origin in this year, the film which won Weller the Best Actor award at the Paris International Film Festival for his performance as an upwardly mobile bachelor with a serious rat problem.


1984 – Other film credits include Firstborn with Teri Garr, the HBO made-for-TV Apology in 1986 (TV), co-starring Lesley Ann Warren.


1989 – That same film also marked his first association with Leviathan director George P. Cosmatos this year.


2006 – Although he has appeared in over fifty films and television series, he is best known for his appearances as the title character in the cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and the blockbuster hits RoboCop and RoboCop 2. He joined the cast of the critically acclaimed drama series 24. Weller played the role of terrorist collaborator Christopher Henderson, his most significant role since Alex Murphy in RoboCop.

3.2 (63.33%) 6 votes